My name is George SPILIOPOULOS and I was born in Volos where I did my basic studies. I studied Medicine at the University of Bologna from where I graduated with honors. I returned to Greece and i completed my 24-month military service in aviation. My first teacher in surgery was Dimitris PITSINIS, director of Apollonius, whom I will always remember with love and gratitude. In the late 80s, i did my internship in general surgery for eight months at Evaggelismos Hospital. Aided by my friend and colleague John Nomikos, i went to France, in the early 90's, to continue my specialty, firstly at the Hospital of Orleans with director the prematurely lost Dominique GROSSETI and then at the Hospital of Rennes, the capital of Brittany, directed by professor and academic, Bernard LAUNOIS, successor of the school LORTAT - JACOB (first formal right hepatectomy in the world, the decade of 50's). The end of my specialization finds me in a university position, Chef de Clinique, at the University Hospital of Rennes with multiple responsibilities in general surgery such as surgical oncology, laparoscopic surgery, liver and kidney transplants. I kept this position until the moment I decided to come back to Greece in 1999. I note that the direction of both my specialty and my professional activity as a surgeon is the surgery of the digestive system related to disorders of the entire digestive system, and this specialty in Greece is still included as part of general surgery. After my return and until today i work privately, as it is usually called, though, in my opinion, health is one and only and cannot be separated in public or private.